Dark Thoughts

Every now and then Thoughts are dark Like the sky full of clouds Storming threatening Like an evil force Moving in  Onto the stars at night Hiding my light beyong my drop of tears My soul feeds  Onto the liquid of my eyes Advertisements Continue reading Dark Thoughts

Eskimo Mask

You want one of my Eskimo masks! Good just ask. How about this one? Too happy This Too sad Too glad Too wrinkled Too dimpled Too twisted Too listless Too pensive Too sensitive You know they’re very expensive!! This one? Too crossed eyed Too pop eyed Too forlorn Teeth worn Hair shorn Too big a … Continue reading Eskimo Mask

Winter in the Wind

Relax, gather, away from your every thought. Leave the world that surrounds you.  Find the oak tree and build a fire. If a winter night a traveler passes by. Give him a place by your fire. Bury your silence and enbrace the company. Share your Winter Song given to you by the wind. Continue reading Winter in the Wind