Dark Thoughts

Every now and then Thoughts are dark Like the sky full of clouds Storming threatening Like an evil force Moving in  Onto the stars at night Hiding my light beyong my drop of tears My soul feeds  Onto the liquid of my eyes Advertisements Continue reading Dark Thoughts

The Hidden Faces

Life needs true expressions I see them hiding in fake smiles I see them in hateful anger I see no respect for others hidden beyond bored faces I see  true friends act  like cheap perfume I see plastic smiles and words thrown to the wind I see no outcome from these masks but pain and … Continue reading The Hidden Faces

Pointless Arguing

I have to find, among small toughts that bother me, the path of great thoughts that give  me strenght. Don’t ask too many questions about the usefulness of doing good. All you can do is good, be with actions, with words, feelings or thoughts, do it then,  let time do its work. Even if you … Continue reading Pointless Arguing